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Flu Kits

Despite our very best efforts to remain healthy, we sometimes fall ill. As we enter the cold and flu season, I would like to support you in suffering less and recovering more quickly should you become ill.


Our flu kits include a convenient plastic storage box for 16 Homeopathic Remedies most often indicated for the symptoms of influenza. The price of the kit, $100.00 includes a Homeopathic consultation valued at $60.00.


The remedies last a long time if kept from extreme heat, bright light or electronics. They can be shared with family. Please contact Homeopathy Heals to order your kit. Wishing you good health. 


Kits for Children's Illnesses

As parents, we must always use our good judgement to decide when our children’s illnesses need medical attention/emergency care. For the common colds, flus and earaches, however, this kit in your hands plus a Homeopathic Consultation (included in the price of the kit) may help your little ones suffer less and heal faster. The kit includes a guide and a list of references – available in the public domain - that you may find helpful in supporting your family’s health. 

The price of the kit is $100.00 includes a Homeopathic consultation valued at $60.00.

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